Mushroom Family 1.0.1 Apps Apk For Android

It is a casual puzzle game which can take you to a secret place and exploit something we unknow. The game looks easy but difficult to master. How to use the space place to compose or clear up at the chessboard? Please take your mind to search the ending! I really want to know that the mushroom seeds can be evolved for what kind of shapes. Nine shapes of the mushroom wait for you to search! Be careful,Don’t let the mushrooms fall in the hands of the Aliens. Don’t hesitate, Mushroom Family is waiting for you!

Mushroom Family apkMushroom Family apk

Game Features:
1.New kind of puzzle game for all ages.
2.Simple game mode, easy-to-operate control;
3.Pure and fresh painting style;
4.Abundant species in the game. Finally evolution shapes are different for each other.
5.Nine shapes of the mushroom wait for you to search, Lovely pictures in the Gallery make you dizzy.

If you want know more about Mushroom Family Apk, you can visit the official site of Mushroom Family from google play for read more about Mushroom Family Apk and you will find details of Mushroom Family Apk.

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