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Have you ever wondered if your classmate can become more than a friend.? Have you ever felt that your colleague is looking at you in a special way? Have you ever wondered how your worst enemy and the biggest geek at school would match? Tap in his/her name together with yours in this Love Calculator, and you will find out if it could work out for you or not. A similar function has been seen on MTV and some people call it a match maker, others call it name fitting. We prefer to call it Love Calculator.

Love Calculator apkLove Calculator apk

All names have a meaning and a name can tell a lot about a person. Enter your name together with the name of your secret love, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, a colleague, a classmate, a celebrity or your potential partner. This love calculator will then give you a likely percentage of your success, together with a comment about your potential future. Our advanced algorithm picks yours and your potential partner's destiny from over combinations.

If you want know more about Love Calculator Apk, you can visit the official site of Love Calculator from google play for read more about Love Calculator Apk and you will find details of Love Calculator Apk.

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