Home2 Shortcut 0.5 Apps Apk For Android

This application starts your favorite application by double tap on key.
-HOME key > HOME key > App
-HOME key > Search key > App
-HOME key > Menu key > App
-HOME key > Back key > App
-Long press of search key > App
-Long press of camera key > App

Home2 Shortcut apkHome2 Shortcut apk

-Your favorite application can be started.
e.g., Camera, Browser, Twitter, MySettings
-Your favorite shortcut can be started.
e.g., Bookmark, Direct dial, SiMi Folder Widget

If you want know more about Home2 Shortcut Apk, you can visit the official site of Home2 Shortcut from google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eikatou0.appspot.home2shortcut for read more about Home2 Shortcut Apk and you will find details of Home2 Shortcut Apk.

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