Freestyle Baseball 1.5.0 Apps Apk For Android

 Freestyle Baseball’s News Updete (1.5.0) 
1. Add New Pitching Form (Left-Hand Pitching)
2. Add new costume items
3. Add Tapjoy (Free Charging Function)
 Freestyle Baseball has surpassed 120 million downloads. 
1 vs. 1 Online Gameplay! Unique Matches & Thousands of Rivals! Personalize your Baseball Player to Throw Harder, Hit Harder and Play Harder!

Freestyle Baseball apk

Single player campaigns, custom one-on-ones against defeated NPCs, and real-time multiplayer mode make Freestyle Baseball a baseball battle that never strikes out! Gear up, get some gold, accumulate battle points, and dominate your opponents in the hottest new sports game of the season!

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