Espier Launcher 3.0.6 Apps Apk For Android

Espier Launcher V3.0 is a major upgrade of the best and the most popular iOS-style home app (Espier Launcher 2.0) for Android devices. In this version, we merged the Android-specific features into Espier Launcher in iOS-style. It allows you to enjoy iOS experience and the Android features which bring more convenience at the same time. If you use Espier Launcher 3.0 along with Espier Screen Locker and Espier Notifications plugin, the launcher will bring you more surprises!

Espier Launcher

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If you want know more about Espier Launcher Apk, you can visit the official site of Espier Launcher from google play for read more about Espier Launcher Apk and you will find details of Espier Launcher Apk.

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